Cali And Isabella Sundaes.

Don’t ask why the girls want to make a sundae in the bath… just enjoy it the fact that two skimpily dressed smoking hot ladies want to play! Highlight? Cali’s faceplant into Isabella’s creamy boobs! … or the fact they both end up naked and covered in goo.


Pie Face Off

Bridget, Mercedes, and Veronica meet to play “Pie Face Off.” The girls, all dressed in their finest short dresses, take it in …


Nicole’s Labor Day rant

Nicole rants about how she is going to break the labor day tradition rule and wear white after ‘Labor Day’.  Kishti over …


Kitty Talks Concerts

Kishti talks about some of her favorite concerts and why some people make them unenjoyable.  Mentioning ‘I dont know’  gets her 3 …


Angel Talks Casinos

Angel talks about working and going to the Casino.  The downside and upside.  When she mentions ‘I dont know’  she gets slimed …


Charlotte’s Interview

In this classic interview we meet Charlotte – model and real live action hero! Of course we have to introduce ourselves to …


Summers Interview

Summer has an interview with us and finds out what we’re all about.  She finds she’s not just modeling pies, but wearing …


Skylark The Pancake

Our favorite blond is back! Dressed in a tight tank top and white shorts, Skylar turned herself into a very pretty pancake–complete …


Kim And Custard

We love Kim. We love Kim in a cute bikini. We love Kim in a cute bikini covered in custard… Kim slows …


Double Interview update!

Ariah interviews to become a pie model.  Little does she know what is instore for her when she comes for her interview. …