In this video Cassandra gets sticky with maple syrup.  She drenches herself from head to toe wearing her bikini with several bottle.  She is smiling and having fun through out.


Schoolgirls Food Fight

Selena and Brooke have a bit of a schoolgirl disagreement in our studio. Fortunately for us, the studio is full of pies, …


Confessions Of A WAM Girl

Jaimy tells us exactly what she likes, and has it all handed to her… over, and over again! Full video available for …


Eve’s Sweet Revenge

When Eve’s hot redhead friend shows up late… yet again, she has a surprise waiting. She ties her to a chair, gags …


Messy Video Double Bill!

Meet Nikki. Nikki… meet pies! Meet our creative art students… Both videos available for members to download now!


Kathryn Triple Bill

As we return from Xmas we bring a triple bill featuring the lovely Kathryn… pied, slimed, coating herself in fluff and taking …


Sleep Over!

The girls are having a sleep over, but when they realize their Blu Ray player has broken and the internet is down, …


Take two bored girls with plenty of bags of skittles and give them something sticky to stick them too and you get… …

Water fight!

Isabella and Allie found a couple of pump action water guns and decided to play. White T-Shirts were the order of the …


A Messy Work Out

After a shoot the banter is flying and Isabella proposes a workout competition – the loser of the challenges paying a forfeit …