Nicole’s Labor Day rant

Nicole rants about how she is going to break the labor day tradition rule and wear white after ‘Labor Day’.  Kishti over hears this explanation, walks in and gives Nicole two cents of her mind… then pies her in the face!


Cassandra’s Interview

Cassandra interview’s to become a pie model.  Little does she know what is in store for her when she comes for her …


Daniella pies… herself!

 Dared to give her self pies to the face she rises to the challenge and takes over 25 pies to the face! …


Messy Video Double Bill!

Meet Nikki. Nikki… meet pies! Meet our creative art students… Both videos available for members to download now!


Kathryn Triple Bill

As we return from Xmas we bring a triple bill featuring the lovely Kathryn… pied, slimed, coating herself in fluff and taking …


A Messy Work Out

After a shoot the banter is flying and Isabella proposes a workout competition – the loser of the challenges paying a forfeit …


Four Girl Messy Quiz

Take four barely dressed ladies, a bunch of questions and a bunch of pies, and you get this weeks video! Full video …


Mercedes Interviewed.

The lovely Mercedes popped into the studio and we sat her down for a chat… and some pies. Full video available for …

→ April 17, 2012

  Desiree still has hard feelings about being ambushed in her audition so she desides to turn the tables on her friend …