1. If I join, do I get to download all the material released into the members area?

– There is a minimum of 30 videos in the members area at any given time. Older videos are removed as we only have a certain amount of server space, so as one video goes up the oldest come off.  Eventually we will cycle them through, but bear in mind we have a deep back catalogue. In the meantime, you can pick up most of what we have done HERE.

2. Do videos contain DRM?

– No. We despise DRM (Digital rights Management). Once you own a video you should be able to use it on any device anywhere you wish. All we ask is the courtesy of people not passing them around – if people don’t pay us for our work, we can’t afford to make more videos.

3. What format are the videos in?

– For now WMV. All new material will be produced in h264 MP4 – the new industry standard. If you are using a Mac you can download flip4mac here for free to allow effortless playing of WMV files.

5. How often is the members area updated?

– The members area will be updated regularly each month with new material.  Look for at least an addition once a week.  Each month we will be adding both existing material and totally new material.

6. What kind of WAM material do you produce.

–    We strive to make the highest quality wet and messy videos.  We will attempt to produce a wide mix of wet and messy videos including wet, pie, slime, gunge and food fight scenes featuring both dressed and nude models in a wide range of new and entertaining scenes.